Firewood Scout Membership

Help Your State Keep Firewood Safe


Active since 2012, Firewood Scout is a simple, user-friendly website directory that encourages the public to purchase local or certified heat-treated firewood. Many states have joined this effort to limit the spread of forest pests. Could your state be next?


  1. Commit to at least two years of Firewood Scout participation upon setting up an account. First-year fees for creating a new statewide membership are $2,000, with annual fees thereafter at $500. Annual fees cover coordinator staff costs, web contractor fees, and other expensive to maintain the site.
  2. Cooperate with other state agencies and NGOs in your area. Each partner state is strongly encouraged to build widespread acceptance of and support for Firewood Scout.
  3. Designate a single person committed to being the Firewood Scout state contact responsible for corresponding with the national coordinator and performing input and maintenance for your state’s Firewood Scout Data.
  4. Create and maintain a quality firewood vendor database.
    • Identify at least 100 firewood vendors (ideally far more) to start your state’s directory.
    • Continue to enter or update vendors as they are identified throughout the year.
    • Conduct an annual review of all state vendors as they are identified throughout the year.
    • Conduct an annual review of all state vendors to remove or change listings as needed.
    • Identify other (optional) characteristics for display on your state’s site (certified heat-treated wood, etc.).
  5. Promote Firewood Scout to the public through online and printed materials, including e-mail, social or traditional media, public service announcements, ads, or other methods.

In exchange for the annual Firewood Scout fees paid by partner states, the Sustainable Resources Institute will provide the following to all state partners:

  1. Communications assistance to support information sharing throughout the entire network;
  2. Technical support, including training and guidance on using and updating the online directory;
  3. Maintenance and financial support of the Firewood Scout website; and
  4. Basic, customizable template marketing materials (including a postcard template and other design elements).

Thank you for your interest in Firewood Scout! For more information, please contact:

Jake Divine | Firewood Scout Coordinator

Sustainable Resources Institute Ph: (906) 875-3720

Leigh Greenwood | Don’t Move Firewood Manager

Forest Health Protection Prog. The Nature Conservancy Ph: (406) 544-5099