Firewood Labeling

The Importance of Clarity in Labeling

States should consider requirements for labeling firewood that are consistent, clear, and in plain language. Labels can identify heat treatment standards and certifying authorities to regulators and the public, and help firewood distributors meet requirements from multiple states.

Labeling Requirements

StateLabel Language Explicit within QuarantineLabel Requirements
FloridaAllowable firewood in Master Permit System requires a certificateCertificate indicating compliance with Florida’s Firewood and Unprocessed Wood Products rules, Chapter 5B-65, F.A.C. This shall include:
Name of the producer/shipper under compliance
Compliance Agreement number issued to them by the state of origin
Statement indicating that the product meets the requirements of 5B-65 Florida Administrative Code
New HampshireExempted heat treated firewood requires labelingFirewood labeled as treated to standards of 60 °C (140 °F) for 60 minutes
Display APHIS or State Department of Agriculture authorization and Compliance Agreement number
Company name
Bulk firewood shipments also have labeling requirements
New YorkExempted heat treated firewood requires labeling“New York-approved treated firewood/pest-free”, or phytosanitary certificate, or plant health certificate
OregonFirewood harvested and sold in the Pacific Northwest does not need to be labeled.
There is optional labeling for untreated Pacific Northwest firewood.
Treated firewood may be labeled.
“Approved Pacific Northwest Firewood” is sourced wholly within the Pacific Northwest and outside of declared quarantine areas for invasive species. Includes record keeping requirements.
“Approved Pest Free” firewood is heat treated to
60 °C (140 °F) for 60 minutes or equivalent treatment approved by Oregon Department of Agriculture.
PennsylvaniaExempted treated firewood requires labelingKiln Dried and/or USDA Certified
Producers name and address
UtahLabeling for all firewood, and advance notification of firewood shipments into the stateBased on weight and measure of firewood
Origin of firewood
Treatment of firewood
Exporter and importer information
VermontLabel is one options for certification of treatmentFirewood labeled as treated to standards of 71.1 °C (165 °F) for 75 minutes
Name and physical address of = heat treatment facility
Name of certifying agency

The Complexities of Labeling Firewood

Label requirements by states are mostly associated with information about meeting a heat-treatment certification process, or origin of firewood. Labels can be used to identify compliant firewood. Labels should be easy to read and consistent.

Labels, certificates, and other documents may be subject to fraudulent use and labels listing company, certifying authority, and certification number make it easier to identify legal firewood.

Labels with the USDA shield on heat-treated firewood can be problematic and should not be used. Clear labels with identifying information are preferred.


  • Ready identification of compliant firewood.


  • Makes it easy for enforcement officers to identify compliant firewood.
  • Makes it easy to perform trace backs.
  • Makes it clear that the producer is aware of standards and requirements.
  • Consistent information on labels increases adoption by industry.
  • Communicates standards to the public.


  • Inconsistency in labeling requirements, such as state-specific language, makes it challenging for the industry to comply.
  • Labels are dual purpose for marketing and regulating.
  • Claims such as “Bug Free”, “Free of all pests”, or “Seasoned Wood” are not verifiable.


  1. Explicitly state treatment requirements in plain language.
  2. Get language consistency across states.
  3. Regulatory language should be legible.
  4. Plain language indicating the requirements should be favored over shields or graphics.

Clear Sample Language

This firewood has been certified heat-treated to a core temperature of 60 ˚C (140 ˚F) for 60 min [or other preferred standard]. Certifying agency: State or Federal Department of__________________. Certification number_____________.

Unclear Sample Language

  • “[State]-approved treated firewood/pest-free”
  • “Product meets the requirements of [regulation #] [State] Administrative Code”
  • “Meets State of [State]standards”


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